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This document presents the terms of cooperation, responsibilities and rights of the parties. Compliance with these rules is mandatory for the Client and for the administration of the project.

1. General provisions:
1.1. Client Investment project - Best Paying Profit may be anyone of the age of majority and is legally competent person. Registration on the website of the Investment project - Best Paying Profit and further cooperation is completely voluntary decision of the Client.

1.2. After completing the registration process, each user becomes a full Client of the Investment project - Best Paying Profit, fully accepts all the conditions, agrees to comply with the duties and vested with all the rights set forth below in this document.

1.3. Copyrights on the project site, all information, documents and materials published on the site belong only to the project - Best Paying Profit. Any unauthorized use will be penalized in accordance with existing legislation.

1.4. Information, documents and materials provided on the website of the Investment project - Best Paying Profit have only Advisory in nature. Responsibility for any use and the consequences of this is the Client.

1.5. In case of conflict between the administration of the project and the Client, this conflict should be resolved by negotiations between the parties and nothing else.

1.6. Payments to Customers are made according to the chosen investment plan in automatic mode.

2. The rights, duties and responsibilities of the Client:
2.1. While filling out the registration form, the Client is obliged to provide only truthful information about yourself.

2.2. By registering on the Company's website, the Customer accepts all its stipulated the duties and rights.

2.3. Investment in the project, the Customer shall on its own initiative, and therefore the responsibility for the consequences rests with him.

2.4. If the Client invests in the project, and this contradicts the legislation of the country of his nationality, responsibility for the consequences rests with the Client.

2.5. The client has the right to create on the website of the Project only one account. In case of revealing the fact of the creation of multiple accounts by the Client, they will all be locked without the right of withdrawal.

2.6. The client has the right to invite to cooperation with the Project of their friends, acquaintances, using legal means, for example, through emails (not SPAM), advertising on various forums and sites, etc.

2.7. The client is strongly recommended to ensure full security of their personal data and anti-virus protection on your home computer to protect their money from being stolen by hackers (theft password, obtaining unauthorized access to the account and the Customer account). Use licensed antivirus and firewalls, and when creating a password, use complex combinations of letters, symbols and numbers (easier than your password, the easier it is for fraudsters to hack it and gain access to your funds).

2.8. The client has the right to contact the customer support through the Project site in the event of any question or difficult situation.

2.9. The client agrees that in case of delay of payment by reason of force majeure, technical failures on the websites of electronic payment systems or other circumstances beyond the Company's reasons, will not submit claims to the Company, as he is aware that these factors lie outside the competence of the Company, and, therefore, of this responsibility the Company shall not be.

2.10. The client agrees that in case of violation of any of the paragraphs of this document, the company reserves the right to unilaterally apply the appropriate sanctions provided for each of the possible violation.

2.11. In the event that the Client attempts or unauthorized access to his personal account or mailbox, the client has the right (and this is highly recommended!) to inform the support team of the site.

2.12. The customer shall keep in strict confidence any information obtained from the administration or support services Company for the entire period of cooperation.

3. Rights, obligations and liability of the Company:
3.1. The company has the right to ask the Customer a copy of the documents confirming the registration data of the Client, in case of a dispute. In case of no provision of this confirmation, the account will be deemed invalid and will be blocked from all available cash resources.

3.2. In direct obligations of the Company to safeguard the health of the project site, private office, as well as the implementation of financial and investment operations. The company uses in its activity the most modern equipment and software, all of the most powerful and reliable means of protection.

3.3. The company is obliged to ensure confidentiality of personal data of its Customers and under no circumstance will not disclose them to third parties (including tax services). The company is not responsible for the fact that the Client did not adequately protect their data, account or voluntarily handed over this information to third parties.

3.4. The company has the right to send e-mail notifications, informational, and requests for supporting documents and others, at the discretion of the Company. If the Company is prevented by means of e-mail or on the project website about the upcoming changes, but the Client will not read these innovations or changes/additions), the responsibility for the consequences rests solely on the Client.

3.5. The company reserves the right to unilaterally without the consent of their Clients to make changes or additions to this document. Planned changes and the date of their commissioning, the Company is obliged to inform on the project website or by e-mail to the email address specified by the Client in the registration process.

Read this document carefully. If You do not agree with any of the items, You should not become a Client Investicionnogo project - Best Paying Profit, and therefore be registered on the Company's website.

START - 600%
1 Day
500% daily
Minimum amount: $40.00
Maximum amount: $4000.00
the term of the deposit: 1 daily
Percentage of the day: 500%
total revenue: 600%
payment method: auto payment

BUSINESS - 2100%
1 Day
2000% daily
Minimum amount: $400.00
Maximum amount: $4000.00
the term of the deposit: 1 daily
Percentage of the day: 2000%
total revenue: 2100%
payment method: auto payment

EXPERT - 20100%
1 Day
20000% daily
Minimum amount: $4000.00
Maximum amount: $40000.00
the term of the deposit: 1 daily
Percentage of the day: 20000%
total revenue: 20100%
payment method: auto payment

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